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BoomPanel Extension

View your player stats easily


What does the extension do

Extension provides for community server owners and their players to view how active the players are in the servers. You and your players can track each others activity in your game servers, such data as - if they are online, when they and how much time they have spent in each server. The installation is really easy and any community owner can use this extension.

It works by sending connect/disconnect logs to the BoomPanel servers with no additional data. No plugins needs to be running on your servers. If your game server supports command logaddress_add , then you can use this extension.

Over here is simple gif showing this plugin in action:


How to setup the extension

  1. Server owners add log on
    logaddress_add ""
    to your server autoexec.cfg and change the map
  2. Server owners register new group with your community name and a list of your servers (max 3 servers, get donator pack for 30 servers)
  3. Install extension (chrome)
  4. Go to extension settings and add your created group name. You can access extension settings here:

Register server group

Login with steam and register your server group to extension now

Why do I need server and group name?
Format: [IP]-[Server name]